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Could Your Business Benefit From Solar PV?

By installing solar panels & where appropriate battery storage you can create your own free energy which will save you £££’s for years to come.

We are not a sales company acting on behalf of others, we are the people who will be designing, installing & testing your system all in house with years of experience.

We offer free no obligation advice on the best solution particular to your business based on your requirements, no sales pitches.

The numbers speak for themselves for commercial solar installs it’s a no brainer financially, we give you all the information then you can make an informed decision.

If you don’t wish to outlay capital then we have financial partners that can assist, the savings from the solar pv system can often cover these costs, once the system has paid back for itself you are then making year on year savings. You could install a system with no upfront costs.

If you have roof space but don’t use a lot of electricity we have partners that can access green utility energy deals where you can sell the excess energy you don’t use and make an annual income from your solar, with the usual quick payback periods for commercial solar you then have an long term investment with great return rates. The performance of most panels on the market being guaranteed for 25 years.

Protect yourself from long term energy price rises and take back some control of your costs or make an extra income for your business for the next 25 years, we’ll find the most cost-effective solution.

Installing Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Chargers in Lancashire, Manchester and Across the North West


Tel: 0345 548 1878

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