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Energy Management

Portable 3-Phase Energy Monitor

  • Available for electrical energy surveys, meter verification, or load checking.

  • Safe & easy to install no live voltage connections required.

  • Measures current & voltage and records kW, kVAr, Volts, Power Factor.

  • Data stored in user selectable integration period 30/15/10/5/1mins or 10/2s.

  • Large Data storage 30 mins : 12 weeks, 15 mins : 6 weeks etc.

  • 3 Flexible Rogowski coils measure current 0-2000 Amps, 65mm ID.

  • LV power lead [standard 13 Amp plug], unit will operate 95V to 265V.

  • Data download & reporting software.

Portable 3-Phase Energy Monitor is for use anywhere on a site to monitor and record energy use in any single or 3 phase electrical circuit.

It is easy to install on both three phase and single phase circuits and the integral L.C.D. with multiple display confirms measurements being made.

Generally used for short term surveys to provide ongoing circuit information if required.

Energy Logger 3 phase
energy logging
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