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AC Coupled Battery System

6kwh electrical energy storage



A 6kwh battery storage system retro-fitted to a building with an existing Solar PV system already installed. Glide Energy have installed this without affecting the customer's existing feed in tariff. The average use of the free generated energy from solar pv is around 40% so you end up exporting electricity back to the grid. If you install batteries you can utilise up to 80% of your free energy making you greater savings on your electricity bills.


Solax X1 AC Gen 4

Generate energy from your solar panels during the day, once the background load is satisfied, the intelligent SolaX AC charger will direct excess energy into your battery for later use. Enabling you to make the most use of your generated energy. Compatible with every inverter manufacturer, the AC charger is the perfect upgrade to your system

The SolaX X1 AC is compatible with our 3 high voltage battery offerings, Triple Power 4.5kWh/6.3kWh & our new Triple Power LFP 5.8kWh. With the ability to install up to 3 Triple Powers in series, modular storage is a reality, add batteries whenever you want depending on your storage needs

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